About Us


There are many things that challenge and work to keep us from completing our life missions, but none of them ever stopped me from achieving my vision for MMA in the Philippines. I came up with this at first to put an end to all of the underground fighting which was destroying the martial arts community.  When I first started the URCC, we were expecting 500 people to watch our event but much to our overwhelming surprise, 5000 people SHOWED UP. It was only then that I knew the MMA scene here in our country would begin!”

Alvin Aguilar, Founder of the URCC


The Universal Reality Combat Championship is Southeast Asia’s first professional mixed martial arts tournament. We held our first mainstream event in 2002 in front of a sold–out crowd at the Casino Filipino. Ever since 2002, we have always sold out all of our events. The URCC is often referred to as “ASIA’s MOST EXCITING MMA LEAGUE”. This is due to the fact that the league has the highest rates of finishes in the region. Our fighters ALWAYS come to FIGHT!

The way the URCC was started was not like everybody else who watched the UFC and said “hey lets do that!”. The founders of the URCC were already participating in and hosting numerous underground fights, long before the UFC existed. Our fights and fighters literally started from the main streets of Manila up to the fights you now see us promote on T.V.


Our goal is to always give our fans the best possible fights and develop fighters from regions everywhere to benefit from our network. We have successfully continued to do that ever since which is why we are Asia’s longest running MMA promotion!!! There are no “company champions” here, no “favored fighters”, EVERYBODY FIGHTS their way to the top!!!

We stand solid behind our commitment to our fans.  Watch a URCC event and you will experience the true warrior spirit at its finest.