Chris Hofmann, excited to defend his belt infront of hometown!

Two-Division URCC World Champion, Chris Hofmann of DEFTAC will be making his much-awaited return on URCC XXX!

The Fil-Swiss Champion, Hofmann (6-1 MMA, 6-0 URCC) will look to solidify his reign as the UNDISPUTED Middleweight champion as he attempts to defend his middleweight belt for the second time against, Canadian star, Robert Sothmann (4-4 MMA, 0-0 URCC) of Dragon Warrior MMA who will be challenging Hofmann for his coveted World title! Let’s find out his mindset coming into this HUGE WORLD TITLE fight:

1. How did you prepare for Sothmann?

As always, I have three different parts in my camp. I train my wrestling with the National Team, train my striking (Muay Thai and Boxing) at BAMF MMA Center and then overall MMA where we combine everything we worked and prepared in the other days.

2. How does it feel to face a fellow veteran like him?

I don’t see myself as a veteran at all. I’m still new to the sport and learn and inprove with every training session. But I’m sure excited to face an experienced fighter like him, meaning I’ll have to bring my A-game to the fight and have to be in top shape.

3. How do you see this fight going?

I can’t tell. This is MMA. Everything could happen. We’ll see how it plays out on fight night itself. Speculating about anything would make no sense as of now.

4. Any words for him?

Let’s make this a fight, worthy of being the main event in Big Dome. Stay injury free and please give it your best, because I will definitely give all I have.

5. Message for everyone who will watch and to your fans?

To everyone in my family, all my friends and fight fans, thanks a lot for all the support and love I received from you up to this point. I hope I can count on you to cheer as well on August 12 in Araneta, as I promise I will deliver a great fight!

Will Hofmann defend his belt for the SECOND TIME or will Sothmann be called the NEW URCC Middleweight World champion?

DON’T MISS this explosive match-up as both fighters will put it all on the LINE for the MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE.

Find out on August 12, 2017 at the Araneta Coliseum on URCC: XXX.

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