John “Outlaw” Adajar wins GOLD and is READY for Stewart!

John “Outlaw” Adajar of Hitman MMA will be making his return this April 21 against United Grappler’s Cup Main Event winner, Dunlee Stewart of Yaw-Yan Olongapo MMA. Last weekend, he won a GOLD medal at the annual Rollapalooza event.

Outlaw‘s last fight was against current two-time URCC Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight champion, Chris Hofman of DEFTAC in which he fell short. That loss to Hofmann, made him train even harder and bounce back strong inside the URCC cage once more.

According to an online interview, Outlaw shared with us that he’s in a better shape this time and is more that ready to put on a show come fight night.

He also told us about the people who helped him prepare for his comeback fight. In this camp, his Strength and conditioning team is lead by Dwight Demayo alongside with Mark Limbaga and Gabb Rosario. While, his Nutritionist is Timothy Ting.

Strength and conditioning coaches. From left — Dwight Demayo (Head of Project Outlaw), Nutritionists is Timothy Ting, Mark Limbaga for support of strength and conditioning. Program called “Project Outlaw”

His Striking coaches are Mel Espinosa, Crisz Aplicador and former URCC Featherweight, Burn “Hitman” Soriano and the one who helped him on his Jiu-Jitsu/Ground Game is Ivan Germaine Padilla and last but not least,

“Healthyeats MNL” for providing his food that matches his daily needed calorie intake.

Who’s ready to see this Middleweight Showdown??? Are you #TeamOutlaw or #Team Stewart.. Come and WATCH on April 21, 2017!



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