Jojo “El Matador” Orao honored to fight Do Gyeom Lee on URCC XXX!

Jojo “El Matador” Orao has waited all of his life to get a World Title shot. Now, he’s GOT IT!

El Matador was just a typical hard-working log collector during his days on his humble province. Before turning his focus in MMA, he was competing in Boxing at local promotions and always winning via KO’s. El Matador was always competing in boxing. Despite, having to carry heavy logs to different villages within the day, just to make ends meet.

Then, upon moving here in Manila. He met his coach, Omar Osit and Arvin Chan and from there, the rest was history. Orao made a name for himself in Philippine MMA as he was one of the well-revered Knockout artists at 145 lbs at our local MMA circuits. He has headlined some of the local events here and sports a record of 5-1 in his resume.

He got the monicker El Matador because once he lands his hands on you, it’s either lights out or you’ll get hurt. Plus, he is the boxing coach of URCC Title Contenders and former Title holder, Solomon Dultra, Drex Zamboanga and CJ De Tomas.

On August 12, 2017, El Matador finally gets a chance of a lifetime, as he gets to fight for a World Title against one of the best fighters in Asia, Do Gyeom Lee of BK Wang Ho who is the current URCC Featherweight World Champion.

Will he fulfill his long-time dream? Or will the South Korean Champion, Lee continue his winning streak and defend the title for the second time on August 12, 2017?!?

Are you #TeamElMatador or #TeamUndead?!?



PHOTOS BY: Yin Quintin


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