Carlo “The Samurai” Laurel

Carlo “The Samurai” Laurel is an unorthodox and a “never-say-die” type of fighter in the URCC’s Flyweight Division. “The Samurai” has an ever evolving striking game and a crafty ground game. Every fight that he had in the URCC cage is a manifestation of that brilliant jiu-jitsu game by winning 1st round submissions on his last two outings. His last highly competitive and action-packed fight was against CJ “The Goldenboy” De Tomas; the fight went the distance but he suffered a loss via Unanimous Decision. This loss has left him even more determined – after that war for a shot at the title against “The Goldenboy”, Carlo went straight back into training and continues to aim to improve his overall MMA game and come back better than ever. “The Samurai” went straight back into training and aims to improve his overall MMA game better than ever. “The Samurai” is also known for selling fights because of his flamboyant nature and unwavering self-belief. Maybe even so, because of his indomitable warrior spirit.

Before entering the URCC cage, “The Samurai” was notoriously known for having street fights. He was a victim of bullying before in high school. He was the smallest guy in class back then, when his other small classmates were not present. But, what sets him apart from his “smaller” mates was that he was the type of guy that fights back and gives back the beat down that bullies deserve to have. The first thing he did before was to lift weights in order to gain muscles and everything. Then, one day at the other side of the gym, he met some guys at a local gym that does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Those martial artists’ invited him over to come and train and from that day on, “The Samurai” always comes over to train or drill.

“The Samurai” had a successful run in the URCC because he won several fights via first-round submissions over tough opponents such as Mark Joseph Abrillo, Ulysses Fajilan Jr. and  Ric Myler Empil. But, got his title hopes derailed by losing to CJ “Goldenboy” De Tomas via Unanimous Decision and Alvin “Kastigo” Ramirez via Doctor Stoppage.

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