Robert Sothmann, excited and honored to go to war against URCC Champ, Chris Hofmann!

Robert Sothmann of Dragon Warrior MMA is a Canadian Mixed Martial Artist that resides in Shanghai, China. Sothmann is currently riding a two-fight win streak and is a top SEA Lightweight.

Plus, he’s very DETERMINED to have the BELT and have it strapped around his waist!

So, fight fans let’s find out what’s his mindset like coming in to this MONUMENTAL event on August 12, 2017 at the Araneta Coliseum on URCC: XXX against URCC’s Two-division Champion, Chris Hofmann!

 1. How did you prepare for a champion like Chris Hofmann? 
 Since we didn’t begin fighting in an Olympic program or a complete system where everything is taken care of for us over the years I’ve had to learn many things about fighting by myself. I don’t mean the techniques, but the prep game. 1st is that the other man is not the problem. The fight camp is the first and sometimes biggest challenge. a) food prep and dietary discipline b) getting adequate rest …you always think you should be training more…but maybe you should actually be training less. c) Don’t get injured! Put the ego to the side. If that means that you tap to something that you maybe can get out of…so be it. Tap. It’s training camp… wear your headgear young’un. c) Getting adequate sleep. Body only repairs itself properly when you sleep. Get more SLEEP (my biggest challenge is making myself sleep). d) Embrace honesty. Be honest with yourself about your abilities, your opponents abilities and play the fight in your head like a CPU vs CPU match on a video game. Try to overlay the fights of your opponent with your fights and see what happens. If you don’t like any aspect at all of what you saw…adjust your mentality immediately. e) be ready for ‘flack’. In no situation and in no country here in Asia will will I enter the stadium and have the crowd be rooting for me. I get this, and I’m not mad at all. In fact I don’t even care. Hate me if you like, I will use you for your energy. Love me and I’ll love you back. That being said, I’ve been to the Philippines a few times and the people are really warm, welcoming and the whole experience has made me love the country. I spent some time in Manila visiting friends this year and I can’t wait to go return. It isn’t everywhere that gives me the feeling of returning home the first time I visit.  So, you see, preparing for Chris Hofmann is all in the details of self maintenance.

2. How does it feel to face a URCC veteran like him? Any pressure?
He’s a veteran of URCC, and he has a good record to boot! “Never seen the 3rd round” and all that, right?
Let’s be honest though… if we put up the list of opponents I’ve faced (win or lose), you’ll start to see what the rest of the region already sees.
There’s always pressure…if you accept it. In every situation, there’s pressure. I have chosen to ignore the pressure to get married and procreate (until the time is right for me), I chose to fight MMA instead succumbing to the societal pressure to “act my age”, I don’t have much pressure in this situation unless I create it for myself. It’s his belt, his hometown, his fans… so, the pressure is all his. I’m just there to provide him a little relief. 
3. How do you see this fight going?
I am amped to fight in Manila. Thrilla in Manila and all the history behind the Araneta Coliseum , makes the trip and the entire experience especially attractive and URCC being the oldest promotion in the region makes this belt really worth taking.
4. Is it your TIME(to be a champ)?
You bet it’s my time. Manila can love me or hate me, but they are gonna get used to me.
5. Any words for the fans and to your opponent?
Special words for Chris Hofman? I don’t have a bad thing to say at all really. I’ve not seen him be overly arrogant or anything in his interviews, and nobody tells me bad things, so… what possible reason could I have to badmouth him. He’s a respectful young man, and a dad as well, so outside of our match I wish him all the best. He knows it’s a fight, and he is experienced, he’ll bring his best plans and his best effort… and that’s all his people can ask for. As for his fans? Hey,you can like more than one fighter in the same weight class… so after it’s all over and the NEW CHAMP has strapped on the prestigious URCC Middle Weight belt, I won’t be offended if you still like Chris.

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