URCC Strawweight Title Contender, “The Prodigy” gets College degree!

URCC Strawweight Title Contender, Solomon “The Prodigy” Dultra of Toughguys International is one of the exciting prospects the URCC has to offer. The Prodigy has a variety of striking techniques and is probably one of the most well-rounded fighter in the 115 lbs division.

Just this afternoon, The Prodigy recently graduated with a degree of Criminology at the Philippine College of Criminology, Manila.

During the day, The Prodigy is just like any typical student, with the same academic requirements and hectic schedules as most students do. But once he leaves the classroom, he goes from being the student, to a martial artist who sharpens his skills on Mixed Martial Arts on a daily basis.

And while his other school mates are spending late nights hitting the bar and partying the whole night, The Prodigy is in the dojo, teaching kids martial arts, rolling in the mats, lifting weights and sparring with some of the best fighters the Philippines has to offer…

He also trains with fighters, like Drex “The T-Rex” Zamboanga, Jojo Orao, CJ “Goldenboy” De Tomas, Omar Osit and a whole lot more.

Balancing academics with MMA duties may sound like a lot for a normal person, but for Dultra, it’s what’s required to achieve two of his dreams, which is to become an MMA World Champion and a Police Officer…neither of which he’s willing to give up on.

The Prodigy is currently riding a 4-fight win streak in the URCC. Come mid-2017 he will be having the biggest fight of his life as he’s up against unbeaten, URCC Strawweight Champion, Fritz “Kid Tornado” Biagtan! Who’s side are you ON?!? Are you #TeamProdigy or #TeamKidTornado?!?


PHOTOS BY: Yin Quintin, Asuka Jessa Peras and Mich Masuda


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